World of Greyhawk - Myth & Magic

Hommlet - Starting off on the Wrong Foot

The adventure starts.

The town of hommlet looked quiet enough – who knew how strong the drinks would be.


The gathering at the Inn of the Welcome Wench started out as an enjoyable evening. A large spacious Inn, with great service, food and drink.


The drinking started at the Inn of the Welcome Wench early in the evening and by midnight was out of control. The next morning the jail was full of hung over townsfolk and as visitors to town we were caught up in the sweep made by Hroth Renton (the Sheriff) and his men.

We found ourselves without any bail money and did not want to spend any more time than necessary in prison. A local business man by the name of Seff Flettner put up our bail with the promise of honest work. Guarding the transportation of goods between Hommlet to Twilight Falls. The town did not look kindly on our group and the owner of the Inn of the Welcome Wench, Ostler Gundigoot and his family were particularly upset with the damage we caused.

Transportation Guards

After a meal, and rest we started out East following the high road, guarding (2) teamsters and two wagons on our way to Twilight Falls. We were moving milled flower to Twilight Falls in exchange for a load of copper on the return trip.

We had to travel through the town of Nulb which is a lawless town that attracts all types of scoundrels. We encountered several individuals of the “Black Hand” gang prior to reaching nulb and while in Nulb. We kept our wits and did not get pulled into a fight. We will need to learn more about the Black Hand and how they operate.

Twilight Falls

Delivery completed. We ate and rested for the night and prepared for the return trip to Hommlet with a load of raw copper ore. We successfully navigated past Nulb. About an hour outside of Hommlet we witnessed a roadside ambush. Several small humanoid types injured 2 and killed one farmer transporting products from Hommlet. The assailants moved north and we determined they were goblins – their shields had a black hand emblem and a small red figure.

Hommlet Reputation Improved

Upon returning to Hommlet we had saved 2 of their town folk from the goblins so our reputation was improved and all was forgiven from our early first impression at the Inn. With research and some discussions with key town leaders it was determined that a small tribe of goblins with a leader by the name of Chief Foz must have taken up residence NE of Hommlet. Most likely they were using the old Dual Castle and Tower, long since abandoned as their lair.

Clearing out the Goblins

Using the tracking abilities of our Ranger the goblin tribe was fairly easy to follow. They did reside in the old Dual Castle. The complex was a series of walled rooms and nasty 10’ pits. The group successfully routed the goblin tribe with its body guards and leader Chief Foz. We took some time after the assault to make a more accurate map of the castle area.




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