Rolan Estyrand

Cleric Of Pelor


Name: Rolan Estyrand
Class: Cleric/Level 6
Experience: 37,110 xp as of 12/7/13
Spells: 1st Level – 6, 2nd Level – 5, 3rd Level – 3

Cleric chart

BAB: 3
Move: 30’
Hit Points: 44 hp
Home Land: Kingdom of Furyondy
Personal: Human – Oeridian, Cleric of Pelor, Age 21, Hair black, Eyes Blue, Height 6’0, Weight 170lbs
Home Town: Coastal town of Sendrift
Skills: Good skills related to negotiations/contracts/diplomacy, first aid, religious and academic studies
Weapons/Armor: Chainmail, heavy mace, shield (Master Works) 1/2 weight with holy symbol affixed to front of shield.
Weapon Focus: Mace adds +1 to attack roll
Channel Energy – convert a turn into a range heal. Range – 20’. Channel Energy roll is d20 +8.
TC 10 = 4 hps healed
TC 15 = 8 hps healed
TC 20 = 12 hps healed
TC 25 = 16 hps healed

Divine Conduit – all heal spells gain an additional d8

Undead Hunting – devote themselves to studying the energy that powers the undead and mastering the art of turning. +2 on turn checks, number of hit die effected, on highest hit die to turn.

Strength 13
Dexterity 12
Constitution 16
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 18
Charisma 16

Fortitude +10
Reflex +5
Will +10

Armor Class Full AC 17, Flat-Footed AC 17, Rear AC 15, Touch AC 10.
Non-Weapon Proficency Healing (Average) 8, Diplomacy (Average) +10, Religion (Average) +6, Merchantilism (Average)8.

Spell Preference:

1st Level Spells:
Magic Stone
Detect Evil

2nd Level Spells:
Flame Blade
Spiritual Weapon
Hold Person

3rd Level Spells:
Continual Daylight
Create Food & Water
Cure Serious Wounds
Dispel Magic
Magical Vestment
Remove Curse
Remove Disease


Family History: The Estyrand family operates a profitable preservation service for the fisheries and farming community of Sendrift. The salted fish and pork is processed and packaged by the Estyrand family and then contracted for delivery to the ports of Dyvers and Greyhwawk.

Skills: Good skills related to negotiations/contracts/diplomacy, first aid, religious and academic studies,

Appearance: Rolan keeps himself in good physical shape as well as presentable at all times. Rolan’s apparel includes a white or yellow colored tunic or vestment that he wears over his armor – these colors symbolizing his allegiance to Pelor. He prefers medium armor, a heavy mace, and shield in combat and is never without his holy symbol and several flasks of holy water.

Twenty-one year old Rolan has a medium build, is 6’ tall, and the middle sibling in a family of five. Rolan has short black hair, blue eyes, and a disarming smile that belies his focused manner. He is a young man of modest means as his father and mother have taught him to do much with few or limited resources.

Rolan had formal education through his 16th birthday and assisted his father in the business throughout his teens. Rolan has a natural leadership quality and relishes religious study, administering physical and mental comfort to those in need, as well as a flair for diplomacy and negotiations.

Rolan’s skills became apparent to town officials just after his 17th birthday. Rolan exercised strong leadership as he lead 15 farmers/villagers to safety when sea raiders (pirates) landed north of Sendrift to kidnap local citizens for ransom. This incursion was defeated by the local militia. His sense of duty and care for his fellow man was recognized by the town clergy and they sponsored Rolan to allow him to attend the prestigious Initiate School of Greyhawk.

Having completed 2-years of intense study and training under Father Thomas, Rolan focused his passion to serve through the teachings of Pelor. Rolan now finds himself in the city of Dyvers working on building/boosting the local church and congregation of Pelor. Rolan has a number of direct contacts in Dyvers through his father’s business dealings. He works hard on spreading the word of Pelor as well as healing those less fortunate, and working with the poor to better their situation.

Rolan is dependable and can be counted on by friends, companions, and the destitute when called upon for assistance. However, Rolan is not fool hearty when it comes to that commitment. Rolan will use his skills, combined with decisive action and the power of his deity to champion good and to make life more bearable for those who are sick, poor, or in need of protection and assistance.

Rolan is good by nature but he finds natures laws more to his liking and easier to follow, than the laws of men. Nature’s laws are essential and consistent and the laws of men can be twisted and corrupted by people with varying intentions.

Likes: – religious study and knowledge, business and negotiating, healing of minds and hearts, provide for those in needs, and blessing of crops and ships for harvest.

Dislikes: – evil humanoid races in particular orcs and goblins. Rulers and elected officials who overstep their bounds and rule with an iron fist versus using leadership. Undead and the evil they represent. Darkness and uncertainty

Demeanor: Passionate, reasonable, sincere, and focused. Rolan inspires a call to action in his companions and friends based on his leadership. Foes may view Rolan’s actions as arrogant or foolhardy.

Traits: Leadership, and a passion to help his fellow man. Research and education are important to Rolan. Rolan has had extensive contact with humans and he remains fascinated with the elven race – he has had interaction with elves the past 5-years. He has experienced limited contact with Halflings and not contact with Dwarfs or Gnomes. Rolan is leery of the monstrous races like half-orcs.

Profession: Cleric of Pelor, trained in the use of blunt weaponry, shield, armor, and healing. Rolan has a particular distain for the undead and is compelled to put their tormented bodies and minds at ease. His holy symbol is a bright yellow 3” wide wooden medallion carved in the shape of a sun on a heavy leather necklace.

Rolan Estyrand

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