Burr Fellowfeet

Halfling. 3' 11", 65lb. Eyes: brown. Hair: brown and wavy. A rather handsome and dashing fellow.


Burr Fellowfeet.

Age 22. Halfling. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Height: 47” (3’ 11”). Weight: 65 lbs. Gender: Male. Walks with a limp. Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Str: 10
Dex: 14
Con: 10
Int: 16
Wis: 9
Cha: 15

Level 6

Hit points: 17

Weapon proficiencies: Sling (racial), throwing daggers (racial), dagger.

Non-weapon proficiencies: Spellcraft, Local Lore (Greyhawk), first aid, mercantilism, acrobatics, climb.

Class Talent: Spell Mastery (free): Magic Missle
Spell Mastery (Lvl. 1): Not taken

Spells: (Lvl.1 spellbook) arcane armor, color spray, comprehend languages, detect magic, frighten, light, read magic, magic missle, sleep, unhinge.

Saves: Fortitude 5/6 vs. poison. Reflex +11, Will +10

Armor class: Normal 12, Flat-footed 11, Rear 11, Touch 12.

Wizard chart


City of Greyhawk
Intelligence report
City guard post #28 – Old Town division

Report Subject: Burr Fellowfeet
Folio maintained by: Jarem Oglestor
Initial report: Godsday, Planting 18 CY2002

Bold = known
Italic = suspected/inferred

Subject grew up in Old Town, in the slums near docks.
*Father owned a curio shop there.

His father was rumored to be a small-time fence for the local Thieves Guild and also an affiliate member.
*Mother took in laundry and did seamstress work.

Mother showed no evidence of illicit activity, known to have worked very hard to provide for her children.
*Subject was/is a member of a local street gang of toughs.

It is not known at this time if subject maintains affiliation with the gang.
*Subject’s father disappeared when he was 11.

It is believed that subject’s father was murdered and made to disappear by the local Thieves Guild for reasons unknown.
*Mother was found murdered a short time later.

It is believed his mother met the same fate for reasons unknown. See report: City of Greyhawk, corpse recovery Mayje Dustoe/Fellowfeet for Moonday Reaping 10 CY2001.
*His only sibling, an older sister, is a cleric of St. Cuthbert.

Sister is in good standing with the church. While once close, the two have not seen one another since they were pre-teens. No further contact with church officials in this matter is reccomended.
*After parent’s disappearance, subject was taken in by the local hedge wizard.

Circumstances behind and reasons for this situation are unavailable.
*Several years later, subject started own curio business with a stall in the Old Town market, selling trinkets and charms and harmless potions.

Subject became, in the local parlance, a “hedge” wizard, knowing just enough magic to get himself into and out of trouble. No complaints as to the validity of his wares have been filed.
*Subject recently has left Greyhawk.

The reason for this departure is unknown.

NOTES: Subject is streetwise and unintimidated by authority. Has temper. Demeanor can turn from accomodating to threatening quickly. Believed in his youth to have been involved in several petty schemes and one or two large scams perpetrated upon unknowing visitors to Old Town (See report on file: “Mister, help me, my mother is sick!”, “Sailor! Looking for a good Inn?” and “She’s right down this alleyway, hurry!”) Known in his youth to carry several knives on his person. Known to be closely affiliated with several strong-arms working the docks. Believed spell use to be at a more mature level than he allows to be seen. Reccomendation is to approach with caution.

Last filed: Earthday Wealson 20, CY2012
-Jarem Oglestor Recorder, City of Greyhawk

Burr Fellowfeet

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