Heward's Handy Haversack

Well Used Magical Backpack for storage and quick retrieval of items.


Heward_s_Handy_Haversack.JPGHeward’s Handy Haversack__

A backpack of this sort appears to be well made, well used, and quite ordinary.

It is constructed of finely tanned leather, and the straps have brass hardware and buckles. It has two side pouches, each of which appears large enough to hold about a quart of material. In fact, each is like a bag of holding and can actually hold material of as much as 2 cubic feet in volume or 20 pounds in weight.

The large central portion of the pack can contain up to 8 cubic feet or 80 pounds of material. Even when so filled, the backpack always weighs only 5 pounds.

While such storage is useful enough, the pack has an even greater power in addition. When the wearer reaches into it for a specific item, that item is always on top. Thus, no digging around and fumbling is ever necessary to find what a haversack contains. Retrieving any specific item from a haversack is a move action, but it does not provoke the attacks of opportunity that retrieving a stored item usually does. The bag and items contained within gain a +2 on all saving throws.

Rolan Estyrand


Rolan purchased a Handy Haversack in the town of Verbobonc. The cost of this item came with a substantial price – 3,500 gp. The haversack will be used to store and sort key items such as scrolls, holy water, potions, etc.

Heward's Handy Haversack

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